The Holy Coach Guitar Show is here!
02. May 2020

The Holy Coach Guitar Show is here!

Dear Friends, as well as all guitar lovers we are sad not to spend this weekend with you in Berlin, but happy to welcome you here on ROZAWOOD website to satisfy all of you interested in our guitars or in any info about our workshop. So, enjoy as best as you can from your home comfort!

What do we offer to you?
- detail view to all our stock instruments
- our workshop presentation
- our guitars demos
- videos with artists playing our guitars
- talks with Roman & Pavel

You can also contact us directly by email anytime or you can speak with us and call Roman (the luthier) to +420 607 193 328 or Pavel (sale) to +420 602 310 741 during “the show hours” (Saturday May 2nd 11am-7pm & Sunday May 3rd 11am – 6pm, Berlin time).


If you are interested in our guitars…

  • go through all our stock instruments
  • or inspire yourself and fulfil your guitar dreams in our Custom Shop
  • if decided, contact us through our website or by email with your delivery address, contact phone number & email
  • and we’ll arrange the rest…


If you are interested to know something more about our workshop…

  • go through all this our new website
  • focus to the page About, where you’ll find everything about our history, you’ll look inside our workshop and will meet with all ROZAWOOD team members
  • watch our new video, in which Roman talks about us


If you want to watch and hear our guitars playing….

  • simply go through YouTube, where you’ll find a lot of our instruments presented by Roman or played by our customers and dealers


If you want to watch some artists playing our guitars….


Thanks for your time with us, take care and looking forward to meet you personally again soon!

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