Flamed Maple b&s and Bearclaw Alpine Spruce top

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... do you want to join Rob Ickes and Jerry Douglas???

SQUARENECK RESONATOR is a resonator-equipped guitar well known under the name Dobro. While the "Dobro" is a registered trademark now - for all kind these of instruments the resonator guitar name is used.

We made, however, completely new design for this instrument - not only according to the body shape, but also the internal construction. It is possible to say that it is a combination of X braces with resonator ground held on the top with the braces and soundposts, which are glued between the top and back. There is also a tone producer on the central back brace that gives to this instrument more overtones and the specially bent back that helps to leave the sound the body through either f-holes or oval holes.

Our Squareneck is usually equipped with Quarterman resonator that gives to this instrument classical "dobro sound", but our body construction makes it more powerful with better bass response and stronger trebles.


This stock piece has figured Flamed Maple back and sides and neck. Together with Bearclaw Alpine Spruce top, all the instrument has very stylish sunburst, perfectly accompanied by vintage copper metal parts - coverplate, soundholes rings and Schaller GrandTune tuners. Dark-brown colored Flamed Maple fingerboard with pearl dots, as well as the top, is lined by white/brown rope binding. And our A-shape peghead, also with sunbursted Flamed Maple headplate with Ebony central part and our pearl RZW logo, just invites all dobro-players to join Rob Ickes and Jerry Douglas to play ROZAWOOD squareneck as well as them ...


Top: Bearclaw Alpine Spruce Master Grade
B&S: Flamed Maple
Neck: Flamed Maple
Binding: rope
Fingerboard: Flamed Maple
Resonator: Quarterman
Headplate: Flamed Maple / Ebony
Nut: Snakewood
Coverplate & Tailpiece: vintage copper


Body Length: 490 mm, i.e. 19 & 5/16"
Body Width: 380 mm, i.e. 15"
Body Depth: 70-110 mm, i.e. 2 & 3/4" - 4 & 11/32"
Scale: 644 mm, i.e. 25 & 11/32"
Nut Width: 50 mm, i.e. 1 & 31/32“
String Spacing: 58 mm, i.e. 2 & 9/32”


Finish: nitrocellulose high gloss
Colour: sunburst
Soundholes: round-shaped
Position Marks: pearl dots
Inlays: pearl RZW logo
Tuners: Schaller vintage copper, butterbean knobs

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