Santos RW (Pau Ferro) b&s and Redwood top

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... blues steel sound ...

ROUNDNECK RESONATOR is a resonator guitar equipped mostly with traditional Quarterman resonators, which gives to the instrument more "blues steel sound" that is typical for metalbody resonator guitars.

This kind of guitar is very popular among blues players in the metalbody outfit but we, however, produce it as woodenbody instrument. This steel sounded instrument with more powerful sound and unique design with a special construction is almost the same kind of instrument as our Squareneck - only with less deep body and round neck.


This our Roundneck Resonator combines material and design simplicity and beauty of two our recently finised instruments - it has back and sides from nicely colored straight-grain Santos Rosewood (Pau Ferro) and the top from exclusive Curly Redwood and vintage copper metal parts - resonator, tail piece and Schaller die-cast tuners. Body color and especially curly patterns on the Redwood top are highlighted by discreet sunburt, from which Flamed Maple body and fingerboard biding contrastly rises. B/w purfling, Ebony fingerboard with pearl dots position inlays, Ebony/Santos headplate with pearl RZW logo on the A-shape peghead. And rich sound going out from the instrumet through two stylish RZW-shaped soundholes ...


Top: Bearclaw Redwood
B&S: Santos Rosewood (Pau Ferro)
Neck: Honduran Mahogany
Binding: Flamed Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Resonator: Quarterman
Headplate: Santos Rosewood (Pau Ferro) / Ebony
Nut: Bone
Coverplate & Tailpiece: vintage copper


Body Length: 490 mm, i.e. 19 & 5/16"
Body Width: 380 mm, i.e. 15"
Body Depth: 70-100 mm, i.e. 2 & 3/4" - 3 & 15/16"
Scale: 644 mm, i.e. 25 & 11/32"
Neck Profile: C
Nut Width: 44 mm, i.e. 1 & 23/32“
String Spacing: 58 mm, i.e. 2 & 9/32”


Finish: nitrocellulose high gloss, satin neck
Colour: sunburst
Soundholes: RZW-shaped
Position Marks: pearl dots
Inlays: pearl RZW logo, b/w/b top and b&s purfling
Tuners: Schaller die cast, vintage copper

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